August 3, 2016

How Seasonal Light Effects Photography

Today's post is a bit different than my usual offerings. Today, I am focusing on how seasonal lights effects hues and tones of color in photography and what to expect when you decide on the timing of your wedding and engagement session. Because I am shooting engagement sessions almost year-round, I have included images from my sessions to showcase how each season of the year, offers some great and nuanced lighting effects for your pictures. Most of my sessions are during the summer, fall and winter seasons just because the spring season in Chicago is very muddy, rainy and windy. Each season, time of day and weather patterns all come into play into photography and the more you know about each variation, the better you can decide on which season to have your engagement session, or your wedding. 
The first two images illustrate the effects of fog, which usually occurs during the late summer and fall months. Every photographer will tell you that fog is the best weather effect for photography! Why? Because the fog acts as an huge diffuser of light bringing even light over the subjects' faces and bodies. And for weddings and engagements, fog makes for some pretty romantic pictures. Fog is one of those weather events that can't always be planned, but when it happens, the effects are wonderful! The only downside to fog is if you want any background in the far distance, depending on the fog cover, the background may be not be visible.The first photograph was shot on the north shore of Chicago, and the second image was shot at North Beach.
North Shore, Chicago IL.
North Beach, Chicago 
The next batch of three pictures was taken during the summer season. Summer is a great time to take pictures if you want tons of lush greenery and golden light. The first two images were taken at the Lilly Pond at Lincoln Park Zoo, which is one of my favorite wedding and engagement locations. In both images, the light during the day is stunning and the scenery makes the images a bit more saturated and colorful. The last image was taken at Oak Street Beach in late summer, right during sunset which gave us lovely, orange light. Summer is the perfect season to take your engagement pictures, or schedule a wedding if you want beautiful, vibrant colors and love urban gardens.
Lilly Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL.
Lilly Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL.
Oak Street Beach, Chicago, IL. 
The next three images were shot during the Fall season. Depending on the light and the time of the season (early, mid or late Fall), the effects can range from muted tones to full-on golden light. The first image was taken at Evanston Art Center during a very sunny day, in a shadowed spot, with the light behind the subjects which gives the image more of a muted look. The timing was more towards mid-Fall, in the late morning. The second photograph was taken at the Lilly Pond, early Fall on a very sunny morning which gives the image more of a golden tone. The last image was taken in early fall, at Montrose Harbor on a very cloudy day which mutes the overall tonality of the images and gives even light on the subjects faces.
Evanston, Art Center, Evanston, IL.
Lilly Pond, Chicago, IL.
Montrose Harbor, Chicago, IL. 
The last two images were of course, taken during the winter season. One of the unique effects of winter pictures is the beautiful blue and muted tones that occur during the seasonal light. Since the camera picks up reflected colors, blue tones also happen around lakes and water and are even more stronger during the winter. Winter is actually one of the best seasons for engagement or wedding photos. One, because you usually get a clean background since there are hardly any people in your picture. And two, because the snow offers a gorgeous white canvas.
Montrose Harbor, Chicago, IL.
Grant Park, Chicago, IL

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