September 15, 2018

Allyssa and Danny's City Hall Elopement Wedding!

How you both met: We first met in the 5th grade on the latchkey(daycare) bus. We became each other's best friend in 8th grade and started dating our Freshmen year of Highschool making this August our 7th anniversary. 
Your proposal: While planning our Chicago road trip for a concert we realized we had four extra days with no plan. He looked at me and said "we could always just get married there!" Without hesitation I instantly started planning our Chicago Elopement. 
Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Boho. 
Details that mattered to you: Warm, heartfelt photos. 
What you love about your dress: The lace detailing. 
Photographer notes: I picked up Allyssa and Danny at their Airbnb and we caught an Uber to North Beach where the couple said their vows to each other with the calm and beautiful skyline of Chicago as a backdrop. After walking around and taking a few pictures, we went to City Hall where the couple was married by a judge and then walked around the city for a couple of hours to take in the gorgeous scenery and of course, take more pictures! It was a perfect day for a City Hall wedding and thanks to the couple for such a true and heartfelt wedding! 

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